GOT7's Jackson talks about working with Kim Gura on a past variety show

Jessica Lee, Jan. 24, 2018, 3:12 p.m.

GOT7's Jackson has been on many variety shows and when he was a guest on MBC's "Radio Star", the hosts asked him which variety show did he have the most difficulty with. He names "Three Wheels," a show he did with Kim Gura, as the variety show where he had the hardest time.

But he clarifies, "It's not because I was given a lot of stuff to do that I had a hard time. It's because I was given very little. I couldn't work hard even if I wanted to."

There were several veteran stars on the show so Jackson, a rookie at the time, had a difficult time securing spotlight. 

Jackson jokingly said to Kim Gura, "Hyung didn't even know if I was dead or alive, I was like dust to him."

In response, Kim Gura said, "If we let Jackson do all the things he wanted to do at the recording, it would have taken 8 hours to record. And I didn't have any power about what we had to do on the show. It was all up to the PDs."


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