GOT7's Mark talks about himself on 'CeCi'

Crystal Kim, June 20, 2017, 9:32 a.m.

CeCi featured Mark on their latest July edition and asked a few questions.

When asked, "The members commented how you have a 'manly' personality; the 'bad boy' type. Is that true?" Mark commented, "To be honest, I don' think I have a specific character. I am thankful people view me that way. However, I find it difficult to describe my own personality."

He said if he had his own front porch, "I would probably spend most of the time laying around like I was laying in bed. Either that or shoot some hoops, if I happen to have a basketball hoop."

Mark also compared himself to having a similar lifestyle like Peter Parker from 'Spider-Man', saying, "In terms of movies, I find myself having a similar life like Spiderman during his school days. Having an ordinary life of attending school, working out in the gym, etc."

When asked if GOT7 has a group chat room, Mark answered, "Of course, we fool around from time to time sending each other screen shots of random things and laughing to ourselves."

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