Grandson of Hyundai Group founder arrested for drug use

Clarissa Turnes, April 22, 2019, 8:59 a.m.

A scion of the Hyundai family has become the latest casualty of a celebrity drug crackdown.

Police said Sunday that they arrested the 28-year-old grandson of Hyundai Group founder Chung Ju-yung when he arrived at Incheon International Airport. He is suspected of drug abuse.

Chung is the oldest son of Chung Mong-il, one of eight sons of the founder, and works for his father's investment firm Hyundai M Partners, which is independent of the better-known branches of the dysfunctional family's empire, Hyundai Motor and Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Chung junior's sister was fined for smoking marijuana in 2012. He is charged with repeatedly taking liquid cannabis in February last year together with a supplier he met while studying overseas.

Korean law enforcement takes a dimmer view of cannabis consumption than most advanced countries.

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