Greasy Butterfly’s Identity is Revealed on King of Masked Singer

Hyo Kyung Kim, Feb. 22, 2016, 12:36 p.m.

On the most recent episode of the hit variety reality singing mystery music show King of Masked Singer, the identity of contestant Greasy Butterfly was revealed. In a close match between 'The Little Match Girl,' 'Butterfly' lost by just five votes, forcing him to remove his mask. 'Butterfly,' who chose to sing his own rendition of Nell's "Walking Through Memories," turned out to be none other than singer Kim Feel!

The audience, particularly the female members, couldn't hide their excitement when the handsome singer took off his mask. Kim Feel relayed, "I feel somewhat relieved and regretful. I pretended to be okay but I was actually really nervous.” Kim Feel is a South Korean vocalist and was a contestant on the signing survival audition program Superstar K 6.  

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