Guilaume Patry and Song Min Seo Revealed to Have Broken Up

Hyo Kyung Kim, March 30, 2016, 10:23 a.m.

Ex pro-gamer Guillaume Patry and actress Song Min Seo have broken up after dating just under a year. The two met in the summer of 2015 and also appeared as a couple on JTBC's 'With You 2: The Greatest Love', showing off a real-life couple's day to day relationship. However, due to Guillaume's busy schedules in Korea while Song Min Seo was away with her own busy schedules in China, the two simply decided to remain close friends, according to Guillaume's agency.

Guilaume Patry is a Canadian professional StarCraft player who plays under the alias Grrrr... He is from Quebec City, was a StarCraft world champion in 1999. He dominated the scene as a random player before he arrived in Korea, where he then focused on the Protoss race. While Garimto pioneered many "cheesy" strategies for Protoss, virtually every (then) standard build order was a direct result of Grrr's innovations. He won the Hanaro OSL- the first OSL in history- a king of king's tournament, and placed high in a variety of others in a long career. Eventually his interest and performance in Starcraft declined, resulting in his retirement in early 2004.

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