Gummy expresses her desire to be in 'We Got Married' with Park Seo Joon

LrgnnChrg, June 19, 2014, 5:41 p.m.

R&B vocalist Gummy spoke of her appearanced on variety programs, saying she would stay quiet and let other celebrities speak since she hasn't got the skills to jump in on the ongoing conversation at just the right time yet. As a result, she would only talk when spoken to.

Regardless, she reflected her desire to appear in 'We Got Married,' saying, "I feel like I would be able to show myself as is through programs like 'We Got Married' out of all variety shows." She even went as far as thinking about her ideal partner!

Gummy said, "The common opinion among the people in my agency is that I'd need to be with somebody younger. They had their eyes on an actor. I find Park Seo Joon charismatic. I thought he was good at acting since his debut. Rather than looking at the appearance, I find someone cool if they sing well as a singer or act well as an actor. As a rookie, Park Seo Joon was comfortable and did a good job, and he immediately rose up right away."

He would be such a perfect choice as he is up and coming as the perfect 'yunhanam (younger man),' grabbing the attentions from noona fans all over the nation, especially after his performance with Uhm Jung Hwa in 'Witch's Romance.'

What do you think about the two? Would they be a good match on 'We Got Married'?

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