Ha Ji Won shares her thoughts on wrapping up 'Empress Ki'

LrgnNChrg, April 30, 2014, 11:01 a.m.

MBC shared Ha Ji Won's farewell with fans of her drama 'Empress Ki' as it aired its last episode on April 29.

She said, "I am so grateful for all the viewers and fans who watched 'Empress Ki.' You guys watched it to the very end, cryied with us, felt happy with us, and just being with us throughout the drama all the way to the 51st episode. Our staff and actors enjoyed filming throughout the end as the drama received so much love, which is why I think it will remain as a great production.

I was also able to live through a lot of ups and downs in life until I became the empress in this drama, so I am very happy I got to play the role of that empress. It was also a drama that taught me a lot. I am really grateful and will see you again through another good production."

Did  you catch the last episodes of Empress Ki? 

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