Ha Jung Woo took CT scan after filming 'Tunnel'

Ashley Song, Aug. 1, 2016, 10:28 a.m.

Actor Ha Jung Woo said he took a CT scan after filming for the movie “Tunnel” on Sunday’s episode of “Section TV Entertainment News” on MBC. Ha played the role of a man who is trapped in a collapsed tunnel in the film.

“We used grain powder and charcoal powder to create an appearance of dirt and dust,” Ha said. “I heard that grain powder can make your hair too stiff if too much powder gets in your scalp. So I got a special hair treatment at a hair salon for the first time in my life after filming ‘Tunnel.’” 

“I also coughed a lot from all the powder when filming the movie, so I had a CT scan of my heart after the filming. Luckily, my heart was fine,” Ha said. 

“Tunnel” will be released on Aug. 10 in Korea. It features Bae Doona and Oh Dalsu in addition to Ha.

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