HaHa Discusses His Life as a Parent with ‘K Wave’ Magazine

Nicholas Kim, Aug. 25, 2016, 9:14 a.m.

HaHa was recently featured in a photoshoot and interview segment with ‘K Wave’ magazine, and he shared some of his innermost thoughts on his life as a father! HaHa first shared how much having a son ended up changing his life, saying that he automatically was more obedient to his wife as soon as the child was born. He stated that he couldn’t help but to change since it was such an amazing feat to have a child.


He then began to talk about his son by saying, ‘Nobody knows what path he will choose or what he will like. I just hope he enjoys his life, with fun. I also want him to see the world and be a person with a free mind.’


In regards to his public image HaHa commented that sometimes people misunderstand him because of the roles that he plays on television. He stated that he does try to understand if these occurrences happen, but that they are still frustrating to him. HaHa has stated that he is willing to be patient until viewers finally understand his true persona over time.

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