HALO introduce it's members Hee Cheon and Jae Yong with debut teaser photos

No1uKnow, June 17, 2014, 10:59 a.m.

The next members revealed through the photo teasers for the upcoming six-member boy group HALO are Hee Cheon and Jae Yong.

Hee Cheon and Jae Yong are both known to boast model-ish lengths with height of 186 cm (~6'1") and 185 cm (~6'0"-6'1"). Hee Cheon has a baby face, but is expected to surprise fans with his powerful vocals and dancing skills. Jae Yong also possess good looks as well.

Their agency AYIN Holdings introduced their new group on the 16th, "The name of rookie group HALO stands for 'Hexagon of Absolute Light and the Organization'... It means that they emit light or shine bright when the 6 members come together... Prior to their debut, they underwent intense training and possess both dancing and singing skills. With their experience on stage and various activities, they are a group who will show a professional image that are unlike that of rookies... Please look at their upcoming debut stage and members' activities with love."

With only two more members to be unveiled, HALO will be debut later this month so stay tuned for more updates on the new boy group.

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