Han Groo Will Be Marrying Her Non-Celebrity Boyfriend

Guster Moon, Oct. 5, 2015, 11:33 a.m.

The gorgeous actress Han Groo who had recently publicly announced her relationship with a non-celebrity, has now announced that she will be taking it to the next level with marriage! The wedding is scheduled for November 8th currently, and she will be strolling down the aisle with her boyfriend who is 9 years older than she, at the Grand Hyatt Seoul.


Han Groo posted on her Instagram, "I will be marrying my boyfriend, whom I have been developing good feelings for a year now. I came to my decision when I got the conviction that he truly cares for and loves me," relaying the news of her approaching marriage.


The actress sat down with “The Daily Sports” in order to discuss her marriage further. When the interviewer congratulated her, Han Groo shyly replied, "Thank you for the congratulations. I feel a bit surprised. I didn't think so many people would take an interest." 


Han Groo stated, "Many people are suspecting that I'm marrying because I'm pregnant, but that is not the case at all. We love each other and because my boyfriend really cares about me, I decided to get married. I'm not rushing into it. I'm almost finished preparing for the wedding." 


In regards to the rumors of how her boyfriend comes from a chaebol family, the actress replied, "I heard those talks but he's not a chaebol." The actress made it very clear her intent to stay active even after their marriage by saying, "Of course, I'll be just as active as I am now. I was even enlisted in the special elite unit [for 'Real Men' women's edition]. I still have much to show."


A big congratulations goes out to Han Groo and her boyfriend from us here at Koogle.tv!
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