Han Hyo Joo Shows Off Her Elegant Beauty for ‘Vogue Taiwan’

Ben Cho, May 11, 2017, 10:45 a.m.

Han Hyo Joo just struck a pose for the Taiwanese fashion magazine ‘Vogue Taiwan’, showing off her timeless beauty with the world! On May 9th, Vogue Taiwan’s Instagram showed two photos of Han Hyo Joo enjoying her time in Paris, France with the caption reading, ‘Korea's popular star Han Hyo Joo's photoshoot.’ The pictures show the actress showing off a beautiful charm wearing a fancy dress at a café, walking down the street in a fancy leather jacket.


Han Hyo Joo will star in the upcoming film ‘Golden Slumber’ with co-star Kang Dong Won. She was confirmed to have paired up with Kang Dong Won again for ‘Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade’.

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