Han Seo Hee causes an uproar amongst BTS fans through her latest controversy

Jun Ko, June 14, 2018, 10:43 a.m.

Han Seo Hee caused another uproar with her activities once again. This time, she fired up fans of BTS with her statement of meeting BTS' V at a club when she was 19 years old. She claimed that she had met V at a club during one of her livestreams on Instagram. The topic was brought up when she was supposedly asked if she was a fan of BTS. She replied that she wasn't a fan of them because she deemed herself too old to enjoy groups like BTS and EXO. She had elaborated on her supposed meeting with V: "Kibum (a rookie model/SNS star under the label YGK Plus) had brought V to the club on that day. I didn't know him. I don't know V, but I used to be friends with Kibum, and he brought him." 

Fans of BTS ended up outraged at her words as she and V were both born in the year 1995, meaning that V had attended a club while underaged if her claim of meeting V at a club was true. Han Seo Hee had previously admitted that she was underaged (19-years-old) when she went into clubs. Fans had asked for clarification on the matter, to which she responded, "I think it wasn't when he was a minor~ Honesly for real, it's nothing to fuss over... ARMYs, please don't be like this. I love you ^^ (I won't file any suits against you so please stop fighting. I did wrong." 

Many fans are claiming that Han Seo Hee is lying about meeting V in a club as V had stated that he's never been to a club before. Many had accused her of lying for attention, leading Han Seo Hee to comment, "... I won't give any more feedback. If I try to give organized feedback, it'll just become media-tized again. It looks like you all want to see your favorite idol wrapped up with me? Please think things through~" and "Reaaalllyyyyy~ I kept saying no but you all just keep going at it over something so petty. Just stop it, people;;;;;;"

But it looks like her claims might be false with how Kim Kibum had been contacted for clarification on this matter as the controversy grew rather large. Kim Kibum's label responded, "It's true that Kim Kibum is acquainted with V, but he has never taken V to a club. Kim Kibum used to know Han Seo Hee well, but after she gained fame through SNS, he has not been in contact with her." 

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