Happy 21st birthday to Joshua and V!

Su Jin Jang, Dec. 30, 2016, 9:55 a.m.

Birthday celebrations are in order for two of K-pop’s biggest stars -- V from BTS and Joshua from Seventeen. The two singers celebrated their 21st birthday on Friday.On Thursday, BTS wowed the crowd at the “2016 KBS Gayo Festival” with its performance of “Blood Sweat & Tears” and “Fire.”

Inbetween the two songs, fellow band member Rap Monster shouted “Happy birthday, V,” which excited the crowd even more.

After the performance, BTS posted pictures and messages celebrating V‘s birthday on their official SNS. Fans were treated to pictures of V holding his favorite type of cake -- strawberry cake. 

Fans are also celebrating the boys’ birthday on social media with the hash tags #LovelyjoshuaDay and #HappyTaeHyungDay. 

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