Haru Eats Live Squid on ‘Superman is Back’ Ep. 46

casperschingoo, Sept. 29, 2014, 4:40 p.m.

Episode 46 of KBS’s ‘Superman is Back’ has been aired and on this weeks episode, Epik High’s Tablo took his daughter to eat live squid! Viewers were stunned as a plate of live seafood was brought out to their table putting a look of anticipation on Haru’s face.

 She noticed the portion of the plate with the live squirming squid and swallowed the food as she quoted, “I’ve had this before.” Her father Tablo responded in astonishment, “How do you eat something like that?”

[140928] Superman Returns Episode 46 Part 1/2 by 21stkpop
[140928] Superman Returns Episode 46 Part 2/2 by 21stkpop
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