Have you Seen the Natural Wonder of South Korea’s Baengnyong Caves?

kpride, Aug. 10, 2015, 7:56 a.m.

Tourists are flocking to the Baengnyong Caves, located at the county of Pyeongchang, are screaming with happiness. Despite the 240 person daily limit, tickets are sold out every day. In addition, tourists are visiting local lodgings and restaurants, stimulating the regional economy.


Baengnyong Cave is a natural limestone cave 1.8 kilometers long. It is well preserved, and is the first cave where visitors can experience the ecosystem. Even though if is over 30 degrees outside, the inside of Baengnyong Cave is 10 to 13 degrees year round, which is similar to a refrigerator, making it the perfect place for tourists who want to avoid the heat and also travel in time through 500 million years. 

The ‘Dark Experience’ program is especially popular among tourists. After turning off all of the lanterns, visitors can listen to the sounds of nature for a whole minute in complete darkness.


There are also many other activities that can be enjoyed nearby. Pyeongchang anticipates that more tourists will visit during the vacation season, and for their convenience, the city is running a shuttle bus to Baengnyong Cave.

County governor Sim Jae-gook comments on the popularity of the area. “We made various efforts to promote the area to tourists. We plan to minimize inconvenience for visitors and adopt various programs that allow tourists to experience the nature of Pyeongchang.”


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