HBO's Bill Maher Says J.Y. Park Should Satisfy His Booty Fetish at Walmart

Maximiliano VCHK, April 20, 2015, 9:52 a.m.

This probably marks one of the strangest features for J.Y. Park's track "Who's Your Mama?", as popular talk show host Bill Maher not only discusses the song, but has his own observations and opinions to share. The segment is titled "Some Young Moon" probably attempting to play off of the Korean naming system while making an innuendo towards the song's concept theme at the same time.

Bill Maher states that the "booty-worshipping" that J.Y. Park sings about doesn't match the physical characteristics of the women in the music video, and states that if J.Y. Park is truly a fan of large assets he should come visit America. Bill Maher states specifically that he should visit any mega-store Walmart chain on a Saturday afternoon if he wishes to check out some big booties.

HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" is hosted by  "acerbic comic Bill Maher who welcomes a panel of three guests from diverse parts of the political spectrum for a lively discussion of current events." The show typically includes funny monologues as well as an interview with a media source or political figure.

J.Y. Park gave a very classy reply to Bill Maher's statement on his Twitter, seen below:

You heard it here at!

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