Kim II-sung’s Hunt for Everlasting Life

D-Bo, Nov. 19, 2013, 5:03 p.m.

Kim II-sun of the North always dreamt of extending his life as long as he could, very similarly to China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang. In 1977, he gathered a group of top medical experts, and set them on a mission.  It was not until almost after his death in 1994 did Dr Kim. So-yeon , head of the research institute Kim II-sun created, become disillusioned with the North and relocate to the South.

Given the task of leading the research institute from 1982-1992, Kim’s team researched and analyzed over 1750 herbs recorded in oriental medicine textbooks on the sole purpose of extending the Dictators life. They also grew medicinal plants, as well as conducted experiments to see if Kim and his Son Jong-il could live to the age of 120!

Eventually, Dr So-yeon grew disillusioned with the North, and defected to the South in 1992, ending her time as the head of the institute. A main contributing factor to this was her mother’s dying wish in 1985, asking Kim to seek out her father in the South. This dying wish definitely left Kim with some grief and regret, feeling that much of her medical career was spent trying to extending the life of a dying dictator.  In the end, Kim determined that there are two main factors that can help contribute to long life. The first being diet. Eating well will help to extend your life by a number of years. The second is simply laughter.

The institute attempted to make the leader laugh daily, and would invite actors, comedians, and children alike, to do funny and adorable things. A performer who accomplished in getting the leader to laugh 5 times in a day was awarded the title “Meritorious Actor.”

In the end, the leader passed away at the page of 82, due to his suffering from cerebral arteriosclerosis, green, as well as a number of blood transfusions from younger men that ended up altering his blood type from AB to B. It is said that this transformed him from a “tae-yang” or gregarious and charismatic physiological type to a “tae-eum”, a silent and calculating type. These excessive ‘remedies’ led to side effects which in the ended up leading to the dictators downfall.

In the end, Kim still believes that the ket to longevity comes from your daily habits. By getting rid of your bad habits, living until the age of 120 can become a reality.”

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