Heechul annoyed by G-Friend's habits on 'Living Together in Empty Room'

Richard Kim , June 16, 2017, 3:05 p.m.

In the recent episode of 'Living Together in Empty Room," Super Junior's Heechul complained about some of Gfriend's habits while they stayed in his bouse. On the June 16th episode, G-Friend members visited Heechul's house. In this episode, there were many humorous moments, showing just how comfortable and close G-Friend is with Heechul.  

During the show, Heechul took his dog out for a walk and when he came back, Yuju gave him shoulder massage. Because of this, Heechul declared Yuju as his ideal type. Sowon commented on this by saying that he is treated like a king because he received a massage right once he got into the house. After this, Heechul complained because he saw that G-Friend was walking around his house barefoot. He said that he does not "like it when people walk around barefoot. Bare feet are banned in this house. The floor ges sticky because of sweaty bare feet." Sowon made sure to defend the members by saying that "Our feet don't sweat." 

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