Heechul Is Smitten by TWICE’s Momo’s Cuteness

Ben Cho, July 27, 2016, 8:30 a.m.

During the July 27th broadcast of ‘Weekly Idol’, some of K-pop’s hottest groups like G-Friend, BTOB, TWICE, and GOT7 were featured along with the MC’s for an unforgettable fifth anniversary! One of the missions on the episode was to try and make Heechul’s heart beat faster, and the idols made an attempt to try and gain Heechul’s favor.


Eunha began by giving an impressive display of aegyo, but it had absolutely no effect on Heechul. That all changed once TWICE member Momo came forward, and after being subjected to her aegyo, Heechul’s heartbeat shot upward to 136 beats per minute without hesitation.

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