Heo Ji-woong to drop from ‘My Ugly Duckling’

Alice Lee, April 3, 2017, 9:37 a.m.

Heo Ji-woong is set to leave SBS variety show “Mom’s Diary-My Ugly Duckling.” SBS confirmed Heo’s departure on Monday, praising his decision to open up his private life to viewers. The decision was made as he wanted to expand his career into other fields. 

Heo and his mother, the original cast members of the “Mom’s Diary-My Ugly Duckling,” have gained popularity as Heo reveals his fastidious character through the program. Viewers gave him a nickname of “Dust Heo,” referring to his obsession with cleaning dust. 

The last episode of Heo will be aired on Friday. Singer Lee Sang-min will replace Heo‘s part from next week. 

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