High School King in Talks for 2 Episode Extension

luvsmiling, July 8, 2014, 11:54 a.m.

The producers for the hit drama series, High School King are in talks to create two episode extension.  A tvN rep told TV Report on the 8th, "We are in talks for a two-episode extension of 'High School King'. We are in the early stages [of discussion]. We need to adjust to the actors' schedules."


Seo In Guk's agency rep revealed they're already trying to see if they can work things out concerning his schedule, commenting, "'High School King' is originally a 16-episode production. We are in talks over [Seo In Guk's] following schedule." Lee Ha Na's side also stated, "Talks about a possible extension was brought up towards the end of last week. We are still reviewing it."

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