Hints of Big Star's Disbandment

Jay Lee, June 26, 2019, 12:12 p.m.

On June 24, Boy group Big Star told fans of an upcoming fan meeting in Japan, "Big Star Sayonara Tokyo Fan Meeting".

On their official Japanese website, Big Star announced, "The three members of Big Star including UNB's leader Feeldog and the ever reliable members Jude and Sunghak, plan to say their final farewells while reflecting back on their happy promotions as Big Star at their final fan meeting. We invite you all to a stage filled with a spectacular performance only Big Star can put on, as well as one filled with lasting memories."

In addition, on June 26, according to media outlets, it seems that Big Star's contracts with Brave Entertainment have recently ended. The members apparently have yet to renew them, thus there is a high chance that they will be disbanding, 7 years after their debut.

In response to these reports,  Brave Entertainment stated, "Among the Big Star members, the contracts of those who have not yet enlisted in the military including Feeldog, Jude, and Sunghak are expected to come to an end this July. We are still discussing the matter of renewals." 

Meanwhile, members Raehwan and Baram are currently fulfilling mandatory military service duties, meaning that they will likely discuss their contract expirations after their discharge. 

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