Hollywood Actor Robert DowneyJr. Shows Korea Love

kpopluv, Sept. 6, 2014, 11:18 a.m.

Hollywood actor and star of the Iron Man trilogy, is showing love for his fans in Korea.   The Hollywood actor recently shared the following message on his Twitter, attaching the video shown above.

Nicknamed Rodajuu by Koreans, Robert Downey Jr. graced the nation with his glorious presence back in April 2013, when promoting his movie 'Iron Man 3'. The clip he posted above is actually from when he landed in Korea over a year ago. Another video of his arrival on April 3, 2013 can be seen in the clip below.

Robert Downey Jr. seems to have a fondness for Korea, as he made the nation his first stop during his 'Iron Man 3' world tour. When asked for his reasoning, he stated that it was out of gratitude for Korea's support, saying, "The 'Iron Man' series was able to find this much success largely because of the Korean fans." He's right too, besides the United States and China, South Korea had the highest gross at the box office for 'Iron Man 3,' bringing in over $64 million USD.

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