Honey Lee identifies herself with Korean traditional music!

Yumi Kim , Oct. 20, 2017, 12:26 p.m.

Fashion magazine ‘Cosmopolitan’ unveiled shots of Honey Lee’s pictorial in New York. She attended and hosted an event called the 'Pyeong Chang 2018 at the Met: Celebrating the Olympic Winter Games for Peace'. During the event she commented, "Now that the Olympic bid which we have desired has been fulfilled, I feel that many would agree with me when I express the hope of the Olympic being carried out well.

 Also adding, "Korean traditional music (gugak) is a root to me. In addition to my thought of wanting to protect my roots, I wish that the beautiful Korean music I love is more known across the world and not just in Korea. Music is a source of healing for me."

Check out her photos! 

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