[HOT] AfreecaTV x KTownPC PUBG Open

Trevor Koo, July 26, 2018, 4:36 p.m.

Koreatown is back in action for the new PUBG Open Tournament! AfreecaTV and KTOWN PC Cafe teamed up once more to bring you the second local tournament. Remember to bring a friend along, because unlike last time, you won't be going solo as it'll be a duo tournament this time around! 

The total prize pool maxes out to $1000, so make sure to join to earn yourself the chance to win some cash! 

If you find yourself interested, check out sign-ups and more information here

On the off-chance you can't make it, check out the livestream here

The tournament will be taking place on July 28th at 12PM PDT at the KTOWN PC Cafe (located at 2748 W. 8th St. (2F) Los Angeles, CA 90005)!! Make sure to bring some cash as the entry fee will cost $10 per person! 

The format of the tournament is as follows: Server (NA), Participants (50; 25 Teams of Two), First-Person Perspective (FPP), 4-Round Cumulative Point System

For any further questions, please contact support@afreeca.tv!

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