[HOT] Rapper Xitsuh Set To Hold A Westcoast Tour In LA and SF!

Candice Park, April 12, 2017, 12:58 p.m.

Presented by WESKE Entertainment, rapper Xitsuh (Seo Chul Goo) is set to have a Westcoast tour in North America! You may remember Xitsuh for being a contestant in various 'Show Me The Money' seasons, infamously known for his ability to freestyle on the dot. Last season in 'Show Me The Money 5', Xitsuh was in the YG Team, which was lead by key producers in the likes of Kush and also charismatic rap superstar Zion.T! Unfortunately, Xitsuh was eliminated in the semifinals when he sang his song "AND" against the top three finalist, Superbee!

Xitsuh is scheduled to make stops in Los Angeles and San Francisco during the month of April. The tour schedule and ticketing info is as follows:

- SF: FRI, 4/28 (Buy HERE)

- LA: SAT 4/29 (Buy HERE)

Check out Xitsuh's exclusive shout-out for his tour below, and grab your tickets FAST!

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