How Do the Members of KARA Feel About Newest Member Youngji?

D-Bo , July 3, 2014, 12:09 p.m.

DSP Media has recently announced winner of the KARA Project and newest member of KARA as Youngji.  KARA will be re-debuting as a 4 member group instead of the original five members.  As you may recall, earlier this year, Nicole and Jiyoung both left the group to pursue further education and other paths, leaving KARA as a 3 member group.


A representative from DSP recently discussed how the other members felt about the newest addition to the group.  The rep stated, "The members have great interest in Youngji.  The three members of KARA personally went to 'Baby KARA's rehearsal site before their final competition in 'Kara Project' and watched over their preparation process.

As the leader, Gyuri felt a responsibility to guide the team's reformation no matter what. That's why she had a lot of interest in this audition and watched over it more meticulously than anybody else.

When the three members of KARA saw the result of the final competition, they accepted it with composure.  The three of them know better than anybody else that right now is a very important time.  They embraced Youngji and are doing their best so that the new album can come out well.  Watch over them."

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