How G-Dragon became close with top model!

Yumi Kim , Nov. 1, 2017, 3:06 p.m.

Top model Soo Joo recently disclosed how she came to be G-Dragong’s close friend. The model guested on tvN’s ‘Taxi’ on November 1st. During the ride in the taxi, she was asked about her friendship with K-pop stars. Soo Joo answered in regards to G-Dragon,  "We're very close noona-dongsaeng. I met Taeyang first and then I met G-Dragon during a photo shoot." She also added, "After the photo shoot for a magazine with a twins concept, I came in contact with G-Dragon and that's how we became close. A lot of our hangouts overlapped. Jiyong is very human and nice."  She also commented on GD’s clothes when she visited him. She said, "There are so many clothes at Jiyong's house."

Watch the clip above! 

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