How much weight did HyunA lose for her ‘A’wesome’ comeback?

Kyongeun Park, Aug. 1, 2016, 9:58 a.m.

Former 4MINUTE member and now-solo artist HyunA greeted fans through a ‘V’ app broadcast on July 31st, where she revealed tidbits about her comeback with ‘How’s This’ off of her new album ‘A’wesome’! During the episode, the starlet shared how much weight she had lost just for the album jacket photos.


HyunA revealed that in order to look good for her fans, she had lost 5 kg! The sexy singer relayed that she had gained a bit of weight before her comeback, but she made sure to shed the extra lbs before the photoshoot.

Aww, we think you look great either way, HyunA!

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