How Often Should Korean Company’s Outings Occur?

D-Bo , Aug. 12, 2015, 9:34 a.m.

According to a survey conducted on 801 employees from Hyundai Motor, 41 percent of the respondents answered that ‘once a month’ seems to be an appropriate frequency for company dinners, while 26 percent of the respondents answered that once every quarter was appropriate, showing their dislike for the practice. As personal time and family are both becoming more and more important, company dinners are becoming events to avoid.

The survey also shows interesting statistics on dining together. A total of 53 percent of the respondents answered that they have drank too much and blacked out at a company gathering, when asked what their most embarrassing memory was. Another 11 percent said they confessed their feelings to a co-worker, while 10 percent answered that they ordered something expensive without knowing and nine percent answered that they kept making mistakes at the table.

Employees answered that they do not want to attend company dinners when they are tired (40 percent). The answer was followed by ‘when there’s a ton of work (23 percent)’, and ‘when there are important plans the next day (15 percent)’. Memories from the past were also entertaining. One employee drank too much and was late for work the next day. Ever since that day, the employee said that he/she has never been late for eight years. Another employee complained to the boss while he/she was drunk. “Quite a chase occurred when the boss tried to catch me and I tried to run away.”


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