How strict is KBS with banning H.O.T & COUNTRY KOKO's music?

ErotiX, Feb. 17, 2014, 12:18 p.m.

KBS banned songs of COUNTRY KOKO followed by banning songs from H.O.T. With the recent scandals of gambling of TONY AHN from H.O.T and TAK JAE HOON, KBS started to get really strict with them. 

However, KBS commented "We decided not to ban anything related to ANDY and SHINHWA's music since ANDY's case is alot more mild compare to TONY AHN and TAK JAE HOON,"

For the most part, TONY AHN and TAK JAE HOON will not be able to make any appearance nor play any songs from their albums at all on KBS. 

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