How to accessorize like a STYLISH Seoulite!

Songee Kim, Jan. 7, 2016, 3 p.m.

The key to an outfit is accessories. Whether you opt for a large statement necklace or a simple, dainty ear cuff, accessories are almost a must for any outfit you're looking to take to the next level. Accessories can help spruce up any combination, as long as they don't bog down the garments. Remember: Accessories should complement, not clutter an outfit!

Accessories can come in all shapes and sizes, as pieces of jewelry, various hats, bags and backpacks, cute socks, and even as basic everyday necessities such as a phone case or an umbrella for rainy days. They can help dress an outfit up or down, and take a simple outfit from drab to fab with the addition of just one bracelet or a stack of rings. In fact, even you ladies who enjoy the simple white t-shirt and jeans look need the aid of accessories! Adding a simple leather banded watch or a pastel colored backpack to the mix can tighten up your look.

Koreans absolutely LOVE accessories, especially females! Stylish Seoulites adore adding pieces to their 'fits, whether they're aiming for a feminine look or a tomboyish ensemble. Gear up for a more stylish look this winter with some of the hottest accessories female Seoulites are enjoying this season!

1. Choker necklaces

2. Dainty watches

3. Ear cuffs

4. Adorable socks

5. Baseball caps

Get the look for less: 

6. Snapbacks

Get the look for less: 

7. Bucket hats

Get the look for less: 

8. To-die-for phone cases

9. Cutesy backpacks

10. Galaxy-themed jewelry

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