Huh Gak sings a Kim Min Jong song beautifully on 'Immortal Song'

Richard Kim , July 10, 2017, 10:23 a.m.

On July 8, Huh Gak sang for his idol Kim Min Jong during his special on 'Immortal Song'. This week, the special was for Kim Min Jong and Son Ji Chang's duo The Blue. Huh Gak sang their classic track "Endless Love" and said "Kim Min Jong sunbaenim is my idol. It was to the point I remembered the codes to his songs for the karaoke room. There's 'the best 3' songs by Kim Min Jong. 'Beneath the Sky', which is 1566, 'Endless Love', which is 3487, and 'Kind Love', 4573. 


Despite his beautiful rendition of Kim Min Jong's song, he was unable to defeat Kim Yong Joon. In the end, Homme took home the final win. 

Check out his amazing cover below! 

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