Hwang Chi Yeol names BTS' Jungkook as the artist he wishes would cover his song 'The Only Star'

Jun Ko, April 24, 2018, 2:29 p.m.

Hwang Chi Yeol held a showcase for his second mini-album 'Be Myself' on April 24th. During the showcase, he was asked which artist he wished would cover his 'The Only Star'. He had answered, "When BTS' Jungkook covered 'A Daliy Song' last year, it made me wonder if that was really my song. I was so happy and I gave him my appreciation. Jungkook sang it so well that I thought it was his own song. I hope he covers my song again. I'm personally a big fan of BTS." 

Check out Jungkook's (and V's) cover of Hwang Chi Yeol's 'A Daily Song'. 

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