Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Joon Yeol Share Great Chemistry for MBC’s ‘Lucky Romance’

Hyo Kyung Kim, April 6, 2016, 7:55 a.m.

C-jeS Entertainment has released images of actors Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Joon Yeol as part of promotions for their upcoming web drama series ‘Lucky Romance’.  On April 6, C-JeS Entertainment uploaded the photo below, commenting, "Shim Boni & Jae Suho's first reading :) #Hwang Jung Eum #Ryu Joon Yeol #Lucky Romance #MBC_WedThur #Heart Attack Pit-a-pat #Mood Chemistry amazing #This is only the making photo? #What does this photo really mean?"

Lucky Romance is an upcoming Korean drama starring Hwang Jung Eum, Ryu Joon Yeol, Lee Soo Hyuk, Lee Chun Ah, and more! The drama series is based on Bo-Nui who believes in fortune-telling. One day, she hears from a fortune teller that if she does not sleep with a male virgin born in 1986, the year of the tiger, she will die. Afterwards, she seeks out someone that matches those criterias. She then meets Soo-Ho who owns her studio building. Soo-Ho tries to kick her out, because she has not paid her rent. They struggle with each other. Bo-Nui then learns that he matches the conditions set forth by the fortune-teller. Meanwhile, Soo-Ho is a cheap person who will not believe in sex before marriage.

Hwang Jung Eum is a South Korean actress and singer. On 8 December 2015, Hwang's agency C-JeS Entertainment confirmed that she had been dating Lee Young-don, a professional golfer and businessman, for the previous four months. On 7 January 2016, Hwang announced her planned marriage to Lee Young-don, with the ceremony to be held in February. On 26 February 2016, the wedding reception was held at Hotel Shilla, Seoul. Hwang plans to continue her acting career even after she gets married.

Ryu Jun Yeol is a South Korean actor. He debuted in the film Socialphobia (2015) and gained recognition through his role in the drama Reply 1988 (2015), the third installment of tvN's Reply series.


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