Hwang Jung Eum Says Shes At Prime Age to Be an Actress in "Singles"

Maximiliano VCHK, April 23, 2015, 11:29 a.m.

Actress Hwang Jung Eum made her way to Instanbul, Turkey where she participated in a photoshoot for "Singles" magazine, and the view looks as gorgeous as she does. The pictures show the beautiful culture of Turkey, and she looks amazing in her long and flowing dresses.

She discussed her career in a personal interview saying, "If I had to choose between a person and work, I would always choose work. Life is a series of choices and I'm definite in that criteria. It's more important to be happy with work than hearing about having a reputation as a good person."

Hwang Jung Eum discussed her dramas by saying, "'Kill Me, Heal Me' is a drama I want to cherish. During the drama 'Golden Time', I felt that acting was hard and difficult. After I overcame my slump, I came across the drama 'Secret'. After people acknowledged me and complimented me, I felt more pleasant about acting."

She then commented about her acting career after "Golden Time" stating, "After that production, I thought that I should take part in at least one production every year to become a mature person. But what I'm sure of is that 'Golden Time' was a production I needed in my acting career."

She then closed off her statement by saying, "I believe that 30 to 36 is the best age for an actress. I'm at that time now. After I've rested, I will need to blossom like a flower in my next production."

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