Hwayoung flaunts her flexibility

LrgnnChrg, March 24, 2014, 10:58 a.m.

Hwayoung updated fans on her life with pictures of her impressive flexibility. Some people can't even touch their toes, but Hwayoung transforms into a graceful swan as she does a split and arches her back with ease.

She posted the above photos onto Twitter and wrote, "I'm fighting today too in order to become a swan," and "For the fans who want to see, I took another brighter picture of my split."

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Fans were excited to see her update, commenting, "Pretty as always," "Hwayoung's bare face is pretty too," "I'm curious about when Hwayoung will be making her comeback," and "Seeing Hwayoung's update, it seems like she'll be coming back out soon."

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