Hyeri in KIA recovery agency’s video

Angela Jung, June 7, 2016, 9:58 a.m.

Singer-actress Hyeri became narrator in the promotional video of the Korean recovery agency for those killed in action during the Korean war. 

Hyeri and Sungshin Women’s University professor Seo Kyung-duk were involved in the project that is aimed to show the efforts of the Agency for KIA Recovery and Identification in the five-minute video released by the Defense Ministry on Tuesday.

The video centered on 21,000-kilometer-long trip of the body of Pfc. Im Byeong-geun which was returned home 66 years after the war. Im was killed during a winter battle in northeastern North Korea. The body traveled from North Korea and Hawaii to Seoul in April.

“No one expected the return would be such a long journey,” Hyeri said in the clip.

Since the excavation project began in 2000, some 9,100 bodies of Korean Army soldiers have been identified, according to the video. The agency was officially established in 2007.

During the Korean War, some 140,000 South Korean soldiers were killed, while some 124,000 went missing in action.

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