Hyomin poses confidently in 'Cosmopolitan' magazine

Yumi Kim , Jan. 22, 2019, 12:39 p.m.

T-ara member Hyomin has posed for magazine 'Cosmopolitan'. The singer-actress decided to rock a confident photoshoot and bared her long toned legs. She combined bodysuits with knitted sweaters that never looked so stylish. During the interview, Hyomin opened up about her make-up brand, gaming favorites, and more. 

When asked about her methos of relieving stress, Hyomin stated, "I drink (Laughter). I usually drink with my friends, but sometimes I drink alone, and I also play games." 

She continued, "I play very old-fashioned games these days, like 'Street Fighter' and 'The King of The Fighters'. I'm really big on playing games, and I'm super competitive so I have to have the highest score no matter what. One day when I was asleep, I got a text message. My manager was texting me to boast about him beating out my high score. I went 'Ha...' in my bed and then got up to play some more. So I could get my highest score back. But I couldn't get it! So I got so mad, I deleted my manager's number..."

Hyomin also spoke about her make-up brand that will soon be launching, saying,  "Because I'm not an expert in the field, I'm approaching it more as a collaborative project with professionals. I'm not the head designer, but I'm participating in a big percentage of it. We are currently working hard with aims to launch by the end of February or early March." 

Check out the full interview in the February issue of 'Cosmopolitan'. In the meantime, check out a few cuts from the shoot! 

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