'Hyori's Bed & Breakfast' Features Lee Hyori Comforting A Guest!

Nicole Han, Aug. 7, 2017, 9:36 a.m.

So you're telling me that I could rent a bed and breakfast and get advice from a global superstar!? On the upmost recent airing of the popular and trending variety show 'Hyori's Bed & Breakfast', Lee Hyori was seen giving strong encouragement and consultation to one of the guests! After one of the guests finished her stay at Hyori's house, she wanted to ask Lee Hyori for some advice. The guest claimed that as a woman in her 30s, 

The woman stated, "After raising my kids and after all this time has passed, I wonder how I'm going to be"

To which Hyori responded brilliantly by claiming that, "By raising your children, you have endured a painful and tiresome time. You are stronger than you believe right now. Always have your chest out. If you smile, you receive fortune and get lucky. It doesn't matter where you live. Either it be Jeju Island where the air is nice, or even Seoul, there are a lot of people even in Jeju Island who live in misfortune. It doesn't matter where you live or how you live as long as you're happy where you are. 

Isn't Hyori's advice just brilliant!? Check out the full excerpt below!

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