Hyoseong is a Spring Goddess for ‘Colored’ 2nd Mini Album Covers!

Anna Park, March 21, 2016, 11:03 a.m.

Secret’s Hyoseong is making her solo return with her 2nd mini album ‘Colored’, and she’s released some gorgeous watercolor and floral themed teasers, utilizing this season’s trendy Panton colors ‘rose quartz’ and ‘serenity’. In fact, the gorgeous singer has released two different teasers – one regular version and one special version!

Hyoseong’s regular album cover features the color ‘serenity’ while her special version cover features ‘rose quartz’! In the regular cover, Hyoseong is seen with gorgeous, wavy hair as she holds a bouquet of flowers, while in the special cover she lays in a filled tub with flowers floating in the water.
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