Hyoyeon accused of copying Ariana Grande’s concept for current promotions

Anna Park, Dec. 8, 2016, 9:20 a.m.

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon has been under fire with accusations of copying Ariana Grande’s style and concept. Various netizens have made online comments pointing out the similarities between the two artists’ current promotions, with Hyoyeon promoting her first solo single ‘Mystery’ and Ariana Grande promoting ‘Side to Side’.

The first similarity netizens pointed out was the issue of hairstyle. Ariana Grande has been sporting her signature half-up ponytail hairstyle for quite some time, and recently for ‘Side to Side’, the starlet punctured a hole through a baseball cap in order for the ponytail to fit through. Hyoyeon has been sporting this same hairstyle for ‘Mystery’ promotions as well.

The second similarity netizens pointed out was in the stage outfits. Arian Grande has been rocking the two piece look with a crop top and loose training pants, with a sheer overcoat. Hyoyeon has been wearing a very similar attire.

In addition, netizens also pointed out how both MVs and stage concepts consisted of purplish lighting. Ariana Grande first came out with ‘Side to Side’ in August, while Hyoyeon just made her solo debut with ‘Mystery’ a week ago.

You can check out both MVs below. What are your thoughts on these similarities?

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