Hyoyeon expresses desire to shed her Girls’ Generation image for ‘Hit the Stage’

AJ Lee, July 22, 2016, 9:59 a.m.

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon recently took part in a press conference for the upcoming idol dance competition show ‘Hit the Stage’ on July 22, where she expressed her desire to shed the girl group’s image in order to put on good performances.

The talented starlet relayed, “For the first [performance] concept, I thought it’d be better for me to lay down my Girls’ Generation image in order to put on a good stage. Because of my passion for dance, I was very happy and excited when I was invited to join the show. There’s a lot of pressure because we’ll each be ranked, but it’s really fun. I’m practicing with joy as I watch myself dance.”

Hyoyeon also revealed a little tidbit about her dance experience, sharing, “I’ve tried all dance genres except for pole dancing. I’d like to try that out later on if given the chance!”

Are you excited to see Hyoyeon show off her moves on ‘Hit the Stage’?

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