Hyoyeon stated that Girls' Generation promised to get together whenever they want

Jun Ko, March 29, 2018, 3:07 p.m.

On the March 29th episode of tvN's 'Where's Mr. Kim 2', the cast (Jung Hyung Don, Lee Sang Min, Kim Dong Hyun, Hyoyeon) and their guest Sayuri made their way into an office of reporters. They were to carefully observe all reporters in over to find the actors that were playing off as reporters. In order to sniff out the actors from the real reporters, the cast had requested the reporters for catchy headlines. Fans of Girls' Generations must have been excited with how the reporters asked Hyoyeon about Girls' Generations' promotion plans. She answered, "We promised to get together whenever we want" before adding, "Right now, I'm cheering on for the members' solo promotions. But we plan to promote on during our anniversary each year." 

Upon hearing Girls' Generation's promotion plans from Hyoyeon, one reporter gave the headline of 'Girls' Generation's promotion plans? Can get together whenever they want. (tears up)'. Hyoyeon gave her stamp of approval at the reporter's headline by commenting, "Sounds exellent." 

Were you guys excited to hear of Hyoyeon's comments about Girls' Generation's promotion plans? 

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