hyukoh Member Oh Hyuk Will Release a Hit 80s Song Remake for “Reply 1988”

Guster Moon, Nov. 18, 2015, 10:38 a.m.

The leader of the popular band hyukoh, Oh Hyuk will change things up by taking part in the new OST song! This isn’t also any run of the mill OST song either, since it’s for the smash hit drama, “Reply 1988”! Agency HIGHGRND released a teaser clip of the song on their YouTube channel, which is a simple video clip of a cassette tape playing Lee Moon Se’s “Girl” which slowly transforms into Oh Hyuk’s version of the same song.


If you still haven’t figured out which song Oh Hyuk will be remaking, it’s Lee Moon Se’s classic hit song from 1985 titled “Girl”! Oh Hyuk’s version of the track is scheduled to be released on November 21st. For those that want to check out the original, both the teaser and original track are here for you to listen to!
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