Hyun A to opens up about her feelings in "HyunA's X 19"

Su Jin Jang, Aug. 15, 2016, 10:05 a.m.

K-pop diva HyunA will open up about her feelings in MBC Every1’s reality program “HyunA’s X19,” which airs for the first time on Tuesday. The singer’s thoughts about the disbandment of her former group 4Minute as well as her journey to becoming a solo artist are all expected to be revealed for the first time on TV.

A brief preview of the program showed HyunA at a press conference answering questions. It also showed HyunA sinking to the floor in tears as it was difficult for her to talk about the hardship she had faced. The show’s first episode will also feature footage of the music festival Viral Fest Asia in Bali, where HyunA performed in July.

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