HyunA dropped more provocative teaser images

Su Jin Jang, July 27, 2016, 9:33 a.m.

Cube Entertainment dropped more provocative and sexy album art for HyunA‘s upcoming LP “A’wesome” on Wednesday. Seeking to stir up anticipation for the new LP, Cube Entertainment took to their official Twitter to reveal HyunA’s second set of album jacket teasers.

Coinciding with the first set of photos,the second set shows HyunA in Bali, Indonesia sporting a pinup girl style with her signature red lipstick. 

Additionally, the track list for HyunA’s upcoming LP was released Tuesday, showing her as a contributor on lyrics. This has driven up anticipation for the LP, with fans curious to hear her original lyrics. 

The track list also revealed the producers and featuring artists on the album, including Qim Isle and Hanhae. The list seems to indicate an indie and hip-hop vibe to the album.

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