HyunA & E'Dawn Hint at Their Promotional Schedules

BanSeok Shin, Dec. 18, 2018, 9:20 a.m.

HyunA and E'Dawn have hinted at their plans to promote themelves early next year. December 18th (KST) the two singers held a 26 minute live stream on Instagram on which HyunA revealed that she wanted to meet her fans as her first activity for 2019. She also revealed that she has to get performances ready and work on her recordings. She asked E'Dawn to help but he jokingly declined saying that he had his own fans to meet and expressed to fans how much he's been wanting to see them. HyunA also indicated that she wants to appear on a reality show. Hopefully we will get to see these two promote for new songs soon!

You can watch the Instagram livestream below!

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