HyunA + P-Nation addresses the recent fanservice controversy

Jun Ko, Sept. 20, 2019, 10:56 a.m.

On September 19th, HyunA caused some waves amongst netizens for her impromptu fanservice during her 'Bubble Pop' performance at Korea Aerospace University. During the performance, she showed some fanservice by lifting up her skirt in the middle of her solo dance. 

HyunA addressed the controversy on Instagram on September 20th: "The event I went to yesterday was at a university with a bar and alcoholic beverages nearby. It was a party where everyone had fun partying. Please relax and don't worry about it." 

In addition to HyunA, P-Nation also addressed the issue: "We don't plan out the performances with our artists beforehand. The act was a spontaneous act of HyunA's. She is well-aware of the controversy. We feel she explained herself clearly in her personal statement of the issue on social media." 

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